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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do school canopies cost?

The price of a school canopy will vary depending on several factors, including the size, design and materials used. The best way to get a price is to take photos of the proposed area and some rough dimensions. Many canopy suppliers will then be able to supply some rough pricing to help guide your budget.

How can schools use canopies?

School canopies have many uses thanks to their versatile and robust designs. The most popular uses include:

  • Outdoor dining areas
  • Playground shelters
  • Walkway covers
  • Cycle shelter storage
What is a cantilever canopy?

Cantilever canopies feature supports and uprights on side of the structure. This results in more covered floor space, which is ideal for nurseries and schools with young pupils. Cantilever canopies can be used as playground shelters, covered walkways and entrance canopies. Straight and curved roof designs are available to suit many sites and locations.

Why should schools install covered walkways?

School covered walkways can help large sites with spread out buildings feel complete and connected. The covers will also protect students and staff from any poor weather conditions as they walk between classrooms. Walkway covers can even be used during break and lunchtimes as a welcoming sheltered space for socialising in the fresh air.

What playground canopy options are there for schools?

Schools have many choices when it comes to playground canopy designs. Some of the most popular include fabric shade sails, multicoloured polycarbonate roof patterns and tepee shelter designs. These all create a sheltered and shaded area so that your school pupils can spend more time playing outdoors in the fresh air, no matter the weather conditions.

Are school canopies useable all year round, in all weathers?

The quick answer is yes.

But you’ll need to purposefully choose an ‘all seasons’ design. Make sure you let your supplier know that this is something you need to factor into your project, and they’ll help you find the right option for your circumstances.

Can you fix school canopies directly onto tarmac?

No, canopies need to be securely mounted into concrete foundations to be safe enough for your school. Fixing canopies is something that your canopy supplier will handle. If you call them, they’ll give you a quick estimate of the work and price involved.

Do you need planning consent to install a school canopy?

Now, this is a grey area – the answer is maybe.

Back in 2015, changes in regulations made planning consent easier. Since 2015, a wide variety of developments that would otherwise need a full planning consent application no longer need them which could include a school canopy.

It depends on your project.

The best thing to do if you’re concerned about planning consent is to discuss your options with a willing supplier. Good suppliers have in-house planning expertise and will be able to advise.

Can school shelters be installed during the holidays?

For most canopy suppliers school holidays are their busiest times so you’ll need to book well in advance – the lead times will be longer. If school holidays are crucial, it’s worth calling a supplier to get a quick estimate of the lead times you can expect.

However, good suppliers can fit a canopy during term time with maximum safety and limited disruption to your school or education sector facility. 

Is it possible to view existing school canopies?

You’ll need to ask your supplier this question. Some may have options for viewing while others may not. It will depend on how willing past customers are to allow potential customers onto their premises to view a canopy.

Many suppliers also include case studies on their websites, which are well worth reading.