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Retractable school canopies are perhaps the most diverse type of canopy you could choose for your school.

Take your school from average to excellent with retractable school canopies. They are masters at creating more usable space in your school while adapting to the changeable UK weather.

If you’re looking for solutions to encourage your students to spend more time outdoors, or for improving academic performance or managing social distancing protocols, retractable canopies will be your biggest support.

Keep on reading to learn more.

What Is A Retractable Canopy?

A retractable canopy is essentially a canopy with a roof that you can open or close whenever you wish to. Retractable awnings are perfect for optimising your outside space no matter what the season is.

In summer, they cool your space and add protection from the sun. In winter, they protect from the elements and create opportunities for you to add heating and lighting for optimal comfort. 

What Are The Advantages Of Retractable Canopies?

Retractable canopies are the perfect companion to our unpredictable British weather – especially on those days where it’s warm and clear one moment and then pouring with rain in another. But there are many more advantages too, they:

Block intensive sunlight

When the sun becomes unbearable, a retractable canopy becomes your best friend. Especially because you can partially retract your roof just enough to block out the intensity of the sun while keeping some of the space you’re using open, there will be no need to head indoors to cool down.

Cool your space on a hot day

Anybody who lives in a south-facing home or who has experienced a south-facing classroom knows how intense the sun can be during summer afternoons when it’s relentlessly beating down.

If you’re installing a retractable canopy, you can keep the roof closed when the heat of the sun is building to keep it cool when you’re using your canopy no matter what direction you’re facing.

Enjoy being outside in all seasons

You can enjoy being outside in all seasons while feeling reassured that if the weather turns, that you can adjust your roof accordingly with a retractable school canopy. Fully open, fully closed and heated or somewhere in between, retractable canopies adapt to your needs pronto.

Bring the outdoors inside

You can create the illusion of space in your school or classrooms by using canopies to bring the outside inside and vice versa. It’s a perfect way to optimise your space and invigorate your students. 

Extend your space

Most schools install canopies to extend their space and encourage students to spend more time outdoors. And it’s just the same with retractable canopies too.

But if you install retractable awnings at your school, you’ll add an additional layer of versatility because of the retractable roof.

Are Retractable Canopies And Retractable Awnings The Same?

In many ways, you can assume that retractable awnings are the same as retractable canopies since most people who look for a retractable awning are not usually aware of the differences. And are most likely looking for a retractable roof for their space.

However technically, there are a few differences between a retractable canopy and a retractable awning. Retractable awnings are more suited to private homes and small premises. On the other hand, a retractable canopy is more of a commercial shelter.

Retractable canopies are superior, longer lasting and have more efficient retracting motions because of the design and mechanism. Therefore, retractable canopies are perfect for commercial uses. For example, in a school, hotel or restaurant. In contrast, retractable awnings are a cost-effective solution for private homes.

Are Retractable Canopies Suitable For Schools?

Retractable canopies are perfect for schools. They are one of the most versatile types of school canopies. And are well suited to the demands of UK weather and the needs of your school! 

The beauty of a retractable canopy is that you can encourage your students to spend more time outdoors, knowing that if the roof is open heavens open during class, or in the middle of lunch that you can quickly close it with minimal disruption.

What Ways Can A School Use A Retractable Canopy?

If you’re still unsure about how you might incorporate a retractable canopy into your school, here are a few ideas to encourage your creativity to flow:

1. Cool your classrooms in the summer

Adding a retractable school canopy to the outside of your classrooms will allow you to cool your classrooms if they get too hot in the summer. It’s a great way to keep students alert and focused. Furthermore, you’ll also create some additional space at the same time.

2. Create an open-air dining area

Encourage your students to spend more time outdoors by creating an outdoor dining shelter that can adapt to the UK weather. You can choose to have infilled sides and a retractable roof for, open sides or a combination of both.

In some schools, it may be possible to add a retractable canopy that covers and connects the space between two school buildings. 

3. Add shelter to your school courtyards

If your school has a courtyard, it’s the perfect space to extend your school. Adding a retractable roof to cover the courtyard will create ample opportunity for you to encourage outdoor learning or expand your classrooms.

4. Provide playground shelter

Vitamin D is excellent for our health, and part of the reason why we need to spend time outdoors is to take in a daily dose of Vitamin D, which we can’t easily get from food. Spending time outdoors also optimises academic performance and enhances a child’s wellbeing. So the pressure is on for schools to step up and play their part in encouraging children outdoors. 

But the problem is, schools also need to protect their students from harmful UV rays.

So what do you do?

Call us biased, but we’d recommend adding a retractable canopy to cover some of your playground. You can roll it out when the sun is intense, or if it’s raining and keep it in when the weather is mild. 

5. Add more classrooms

Finally, you might consider adding a retractable school canopy to create additional classrooms or outdoor classrooms. You can even install a retractable awning to create a sports canopy, allowing your students to play outdoor sports in all weathers.