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There are many ways a primary or secondary school shelter adds value to and improves your school. Here are 11 of the primary benefits of shelters for schools.


Trees may be the best choice for providing shade in your playground, but they take years to grow and require lots of maintenance to remain safe. Shade sails, on the other hand, can provide shade for your students in a matter of weeks.

2. Extra Classroom Space

All-weather, all-season classroom canopies, can help you to accommodate larger classes or create extra space for students to work. The flexibility of the modular design also gives you the potential to enjoy open-air classrooms and promote a healthy environment for learning in.

3. Additional Dining Space

Encourage your students to enjoy plenty of fresh air with a school dining room canopy. It’ll extend the space you have for dining and can expand as your primary or secondary school grows. 

4. Shelter From The Elements

Protect students from wind, rain and UV rays with an outdoor canopy. Covered areas bring the opportunity for students to stretch their legs and enjoy fresh air even on the rainiest days. Leading to enhanced concentration in the classroom and better grades. 

Most efficient shelters have the option to add side panels or shutters to the structure providing further protection even in winter and as staff and students are walking between buildings.

You can find sports shelters too, which allow for outdoor exercise under an outdoor canopy. Sports shelters (otherwise known as MUGAs (multi-use games areas) can cover a whole football pitch or tennis court if necessary.

If you’re looking for high UV protection, make sure to specify this when you speak to a supplier. 

5. Maximum Use of Space

A well-designed outdoor canopy can be incredibly flexible for your school. It can adapt to changing needs. Provide the opportunity to exercise, play and refresh safely.

It also brings opportunities to store supplies to free up your classroom space, to extend your classroom, or move students around into different environments easily.

6. Reduce Traffic Hazards In Walkways

Having a large communal area which is also a walkway for students as they move around the school is not the best use of space, especially in a secondary school. It surely is not easy to take advantage of that space if you have to keep it clear every hour or two as classes break out.

It’s quite easy to redirect that traffic around the school keeping the communal areas clear. You just need to add some covered walkways. This is an excellent strategy for keeping hazards at bay in high traffic areas.

7. Promote Health and Wellbeing

Encouraging more time outdoors while protecting your students from the elements promotes health and wellbeing for students and teachers. Efficient shelters can help you do just that.

8. Create Better Learning Environments

According to The Guardian, children spend less than four hours per week outdoors. And since the brain requires oxygen to promote learning, even the opportunity for children to study in open-air classrooms will lead to better learning.

The flexibility of school shelters and covered areas also brings the opportunity to change the environment throughout the school day.

9. Create More Storage Potential

The flexibility of the extra space you can create with school shelters will lead to extra storage potential. But you can also add smaller efficient shelters for stand-alone storage.

10. Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Add an outdoor sports pitch, improve the look and appeal of the school grounds. Create safe play areas for children and incorporate your school colours while doing so.

There are so many ways that school shelters can enhance your outdoor space which includes improving the overall aesthetics. The only limitation you have is your imagination.

If you’ve been reading this article from the top, you’ll most likely have noticed already, that the applications for primary and secondary school canopies are vast. If you can imagine it, there’s probably a solution for you.

And if you don’t have a vision, leading suppliers will help you find the kind of solution you need the modular design is incredibly inspiring.